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Uwaterloo tunnels

Uwaterloo tunnels


If you haven't seen it yet, here is a map of campus with all the tunnels and bridges indicated. Perfect for protecting yourself against rain, snow, ...

... University of Waterloo Underground Tunnel | by Vic Vu

ML Tunnel

There is a side-tunnel to TC, the career services building, but continue straight, turn right, and you will find yourself underneath Arts Lecture Hall.

Kierra's Waterloo Favourites: What is under uWaterloo?

As you may have noticed, it's been a bit cold this winter. So it strikes me that a few posts on how to get around campus without going underground might be ...

Long tunnel


view of mine tunnel in process of being installed

Heres another fun shot of it I took.

... Day 98: UW Tunnels | by Area256

Original map at https://www.reddit.com/r/uwaterloo /comments/1umpor/map_of_tunnels_and_bridges_stay_warm_today/

Black and white image down a steam tunnel. A sign says 'WATCH YOUR HEAD

The tunnels are here to save the day!

UWaterloo Steam Tunnels

When you get to the end of this tunnel, you have a choice: go right, and you will be in Modern Languages Tim Hortons. Go right, and you will be in ...

File:University of Waterloo Mineshaft.jpg

This post covers how to get from South Campus Hall (the bookstore) to Hagey Hall, and from Hagey Hall to: a) the Tim Hortons in Modern Languages; ...


UW Tunnel


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AL-ML/EV1 Tunnel towards AL (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapblue



UO campus tunnels

Festival Room in South Campus Hall 1976

The light at the end of the tunnel 💡 . . . . . #uwaterloo

AL-ML/EV1 Tunnel towards ML/EV1 (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo

Image result for uwaterloo retail services

ArtPimp my E6 Tunnel ...

Photos by Ju Hyun Kim

3. From the Environment 1 Building to Hagey Hall.

Steam pipe valves

Photo Sources: Photo 1, Photo 2, ...

AL-ML/EV1 Tunnel towards ML (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapblue

From the Arts Lecture Hall to South Campus Hall and the Tatham Centre.

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tunnel between SCH and AL at uwaterloo

Dana Porter Library

UWaterloo: Drones Fly Here [4K Drone Footage]

AL-ML/EV1 Tunnel towards EV1 (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapblue


Photo de University of Waterloo.

UWaterloo WarriorsVerified account

sewerbot - robot in a tunnel

Diving and Compressed Air Work in Tunnel-Boring-Machines (TBM's)

The Williamson Tunnels Liverpool.

No photo description available.

Towards SCH from Tunnel Wayfinding (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapblue

1. Getting a shiver up your spine when you see the ...


Frequently Asked Questions | Associate Provost, Students | University of Waterloo

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... Photo 5, ...

First snow in Waterloo in 2015 #nofilter Galaxy Note 5 #uWaterloo #uwaterloolife #

WatMapp screenshot-2

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Towards AL from Tunnel Wayfinding (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapblue

Waterloo Research

... tunnel to C2 ...

Hidden tunnel under streets of Liverpool unearthed after century - Daily Mail

Position of the Tunnel " Jurin ...

October 24


UWaterloo Housing Services

... offer. ← Back to Gallery

University of Waterloo Engineering 2 Fountain

Dawn before Dusk At Dana Porter Library Galaxy Note 5 #uWaterloo #uwaterloolife #CaptureUW

The door from the tunnels to the Physical Activities Centre

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Laser Tunnel Ionization from Multiple Orbitals in HCl

#10: College Mental Health, NBA Trade Moves, Software Engineering with Jitin Dodd

ENG Tunnel & DP ...

Jacob Ahrens-Balwit/The Badger Herald

SCH : ES tunnel Found Art? 001 (uwmap) Tags: uwaterloo uwmap uwmapred

Victoria(red)/Waterloo(blue) Tunnels in Liverpool (Mk II)

University of Alberta, Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Bridges connecting the Othello Tunnels that were carved through the Coquihalla Canyon for the now abandoned


Environment 3, which houses the university's School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, was the first LEED-certified building on an Ontario campus.


This tunnel is surely one of the longest tunnels I have ever seen at 1,205 feet long.

laser setup for an experiment ...


Image may contain: text

... #UWaterloo has a club for you! Learn all the 100+ ways you can get involved on campus with @UWFeds during Clubs and Services day: ...

LEAD THE WAY. A study tip: change up your study environment to stay alert

Whoever designed it to resemble the complexity of a human brain ...

This is a front of view photo from the subway tunnel. It's composed by rails

1 Quantum Computers New Generation of Computers PART 5 Scanning Tunneling Microscope Professor Lili Saghafi Quantum ...

Figure 1

Asbestos warning in the E3-E2 tunnel!

A note: it's a 33 second dash from South Campus Hall to DWE, which will take you all the way across campus to E5, M3, B2, QNC, etc.