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Loop through file line by line powershell

Loop through file line by line powershell


How to read file line by line with Powershell

PowerShell ForEach loop: Applications with examples

PowerShell Basics: ForEach Loops with Code Examples

Working with IPv4 Addresses in PowerShell


Because you need to know PowerShell

PowerShell For Loops

PowerShell ForEach Loop

ForEach vs foreach with PowerShell

Image of command output. “

PowerShell ForEach Loop

While Loop in PowerShell

powershell foreach loops

bash how to loop through files

For Loop in PowerShell

Creating a loop through an array Using the “ForEach” PowerShell command | Basic introduction | Part 1#2 5/5 (6) 6 min read

Short but sweet: Useful PowerShell one-liner commands

Im stuck in My Powershell! : Powershell DIY: Reading every other line in a file


Building a PowerShell GUI (Part 10)

You may want to use the Continue statement to continue with the innermost loop. Excerpt from PowerShell help file: In a script, the continue statement ...


oldest file

PowerShell dir command

So, what does the Continue statement do in Windows PowerShell? ... the top of the innermost loop that is controlled by a While, For, or Foreach .

Understanding For Loops In PowerShell

Windows Server FTP

We can pass each line of the contents of servers.txt as variables to the Copy-Item cmdlet to perform the copies to those servers.


Parallel processing is where you can iterate more commands at the same time. In powershell you basically run through step by step procedure where you do ...

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ExecutionFailed,Microsoft.SqlServer.Management. PowerShell.GetScriptCommand

two black circles with blue and red lines overlapping in white

Q: How do I read the content of a file in Windows PowerShell?

PowerShell supports both the DIR command and the Get-ChildItem cmdlet.

Now ...

Tips for Powershell users new to Visual Studio Code

Issues using regular expression match in the IF statement in powershell


Update Excel Spreadsheets from PowerShell

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I treat pseudocode as a rough draft. I don't spend a lot of time making it perfect, and I expect it add more, or move things around, or remove comments as I ...

Powershell To Delete Specific Line Containing A Specific Word In A Text File

Splitting up a big CSV file to multiple smaller CSV files using PowerShell – Andreas' Office 365, Azure and PowerShell world


PowerShell get-help -full


8 min read

Note: Don't try: Until ($strQuit = “N”). You need here to use -eq, this is PowerShell's way of comparing two values.

Powershell: Learn how to use the If/Then/Else Powershell construct - YouTube

How does Array is created?

Using built-in cmdlets that come with PowerShell, we can easily read and replace any kind of content inside of a text file. Whether the string to find ...

... Calculation; 64.

Don't get too hung up on which IDE to use. If you don't already have a preference then just use the PowerShell ISE, which comes installed with Windows 10.

PowerShell ForEach loop to display files in C:\Program files

I don't tend to use PowerShell to explore SQL like this very often, I must admit. But the fact that I can certainly gives me a bunch of options.


To use the AZSBTools PowerShell module which is available in the PowerShell Gallery, you need PowerShell 5. To view your PowerShell version, in an elevated ...

Figure 3: Using the "break" Statement in a "foreach" Loop Returns

PowerShell Basics: Programming With Loops

It has a nice integrated scripting environment (ISE) that makes it easier to develop and run powershell scripts. Start up the Powershell ISE (Start-> All ...

... while passing through the originally supplied parameters it is authorized to (notice 3 parameters are passed through into the older script, ...



The logic of 'Do … While' is the opposite of the Do Until. {Execute the block statement} while the (condition is true)

What does $_. mean in PowerShell?


I will come up with more stuffs in my upcoming posts.

The below script, loops through an xml file containing the different views to be created on a document library in each sub site within a site collection and ...

So now I can tell that I can access the Path of the file, the Line , the LineNumber , etc., separately.

Delete multiple files or folders from a CSV file that contain more than one columns (Powershell)

I ...

PowerShell console

... 42.

Encrypting passwords in a PowerShell script - Use sysnative in the SCCM program properties

gwmi is the PowerShell alias for Get-WmiObject.

If you go in the Action tab of the task you can display what PowerShell will run at the scheduled time. All the properties of the job are actually stored in ...

If you want examples of how to use Get-Content (or any other cmdlet in the system), try the -Examples parameter: powershell-4

Image of dialog box that appears when PowerShell script is run in the PowerShell ISE

The ConvertTo-Json and ConvertFrom-Json commands will probably be the only commands necessary to work with JSON on PowerShell. There are some more advanced ...

Top 10 Tips for Using PowerShell ISE

Bulk Assign Licenses in Office 365 Using PowerShell

In the above you will get a listing of your current PS working directory. If you try to use this with multiple lines, however, you will get errors like this ...

Loading SharePoint lists from Excel using PowerShell

This ...

Figure 2: Returns sheet.

PowerShell Basics: Custom Objects

FullName} Powershell Basics ForEach-Object; 54.

PowerShell svchost